Apple Watch Series 3 + Cellular

Hello technology babes!

My husband and I have been Apple Watch wearers from the very beginning. I never felt the need to upgrade until Apple’s recent release, in which they revealed the ability for your watch to work independently from your phone. Here’s the lowdown on the 38mm gold Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular.


  1. Calls, texts, notifications, etc., can be received and responded to when near or far from your phone. If you leave your phone at home, you’re covered. If you go for a run and want free hands, you’re covered. If you don’t want to turn off the white noise app on your phone while the baby sleeps and you’re popping into the store to grab ice cream but have to call your wife to check which flavor she prefers, you’re covered. You’re basically omnipresent.
  2. Stream Apple Music all day err day from your wrist. In the past, you could download music to your watch, but this upgrade allows you to stream to your heart’s desire. Just make sure your heart also desires a pair of Bluetooth headphones to connect your tech.
  3. Find Friends based off of their watch’s location. My family are huge fans of the Find My Friends app. With the update, Find Friends prioritizes the watch so even if you leave your phone at home, your mom or spouse or best friend can still check on your location. I LOVE the added security this adds if one of us goes for a run sans-phone.
  4. Siri worked hard during off-season. She’s much faster to open apps, and she keeps up with other daily activities better than she ever has. She can even speak back to you from the watch, now.
  5. Mix up your workouts more often since Apple Watch Series 3 lets you record running, walking, elliptical, cycling, stairs, rowing, hiit, swimming and other.
  6. Officially waterproof, you’re encouraged to keep your watch on while living the lake life or taking a shower. There is even a handy vibration to move water away from the watch once your wrist is no longer submerged.
  7. The new gold watchface looks more like a true rose gold. It’s not as pink as past “rose gold” offerings. It seems as though Apple has been playing Goldilocks with their metals and this one is just right. Check out our photos to view the gold 38mm with pink sand sport band.

I hope these details make your smart accessories decisions easier! Until the next release... Ciao!

Kelsey HarrisonComment