Where We Shop for Baby

Do you guys remember the Pinterest parody account, My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter?

Hilarious. What isn't hilarious? The price tag on cute baby clothes. Below are several of the retailers we frequent for Austyn. Hopefully, these recs can save you (boymoms and girlmoms) some pennies.

**Edited September 20, 2018 to include Margin Social, an online boutique Nate + Kelsey opened which boasts handmade, exclusive outfits, as well as organic cotton, heirloom pieces, and cuter-than-a-button dresses and rompers.

1. Margin Social    $8 - $44

2. Target    $5 - $20

3. KOHL'S      $6 - $16

4. GAP           $13 - $35

(We use our Gap card for 10% off while shopping the 40% off sale with Gap Cash to make it affordable.)


I hope you discover some adorable finds at a low price! Babies grow so fast... If you want to get more wear out of the last $55 Etsy handmade romper, you should just have more children. That will save you money! ;) Enjoy one more Quinoa moment below and have a fantastic day!

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