Why TV Just Isn't All That Bad


   “Go to your happy place.”

As a teenager, some of my favorite moments happened around the television. I know. I know. That sentence sounds either sad or ludicrous. HOWEVER, I put together a series of arguments to convince you that TV is just not all that bad.

  1. Family drama ceases in the midst of TV drama. Growing up, my literal favorite place was my parents’ bedroom when all three siblings, my mom, dad and I scrunched into the bed to watch Friends or Cheers or an inspirational sports film. We experienced the stories together and felt closer because of it. Also because they had a queen bed.
  2. Nate and I are big-time cuddlers, but it can be difficult to get a good cuddle in while reading a book or scrolling Instagram. Some of our best physical touch and quality time occur in front of the TV. Spooning is much more appropriate in this setting than on a putt putt course.
  3. When Austyn was born, we were on a 3-hour feeding schedule around the clock. I’m not the biggest fan of the dark, so I kept the TV running through midnight feedings to ease any anxiety.  The noise also helped me not to fall asleep with my munchkin in my arms.
  4. Everyone needs a way to relax. In our family, we use TV to take our minds off of reality. To answer your next question, we do watch reality TV, but only the British baking version. Check my watch history for proof.
  5. For better or worse, taste in TV provides common ground when meeting people. Discussing our shows is a safe way for Nate and me to get to know new friends. It allows us to ease into more intimate details. That said, let’s finish this post out with my opinion of: 


The Newsroom (Beware of f-words for little ears)

*BONUS* The Dick Van Dyke Show is on Hulu and I LOVE it. So many forms of comedy. Knock yourself out. 😘

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