The Baby Made Me Do It

The extra shot of espresso.

One more day without a shower.

Skipping the gym.

Giving up on dreams.

When Austyn was just a few weeks old, I found myself blaming her for certain things I did and didn’t do. Ironically, these were the exact same aspects of life I had lacked discipline in before her birth, pregnancy, or even marriage. The only difference: I had a culturally acceptable excuse.

I write this post from a light-hearted perspective, but it could have some pretty major implications for the dreamer-turned-undoer. I’ll stop blaming my baby for caffeine highs; You force the scapegoat talk to escape. Better yet, let’s use our little ones as inspiration to chase down unmet goals and wish lists. These diaper-clad little ones will become the fuel to our passions, not the brakes.

And at the end of the day, we can proudly state:

The baby made me do it.



What has your baby inspired you to do? I want to know!

Kelsey Harrison