Newborn Must-Haves

Whether you are building your baby registry, seeking the perfect baby shower gift or hoping to find a product that makes parenting a newborn just a little bit easier, this post is for you! Austyn recently turned 3 months, and the top 10 list below has been our lifeline!

1. Audrey's Bear Swaddles

These swaddles have everything going for them. They are the only fabric that day-old Austyn couldn't force her way out of in 5 seconds flat. Additionally, they are fully customizable, and the shop asks for proof approval via email before beginning work on your order. When our little one stopped enjoying a good swaddle, these transitioned into her everyday (& night) blanket. On top of that, the shop's swaddle4swaddle program donates a swaddle to a baby in the NICU or pediatric cancer center every time one is purchased from them. Seriously, we can't say enough good things about them!  

2. Milk Snob Carseat Cover

I'm a pretty cautious mom. Friends and neighbors blame it on the fact that this is my first baby, but I don't anticipate changing for babies #2 or more. Thankfully, I could feel comfortable leaving the house with Austyn because of this cover. It kept acquaintances' germy hands from touching my girl, and Austyn didn't breathe any stranger air that I might cringe over. More than anything, this cover gave me peace of mind while we were out and about. I purchased the Milk Snob brand cover, but Copper Pearl offers some super cute fabrics for their covers as well. Shop them both to see which matches your style!

3. Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs

Best. Burp cloths. Ever. The shape, size, and and cotton muslin of this product are innovative genius. We were using smaller handmade burp cloths initially, but we purchased these after a friend recommended them. The spread of burpy bibs guarantees my shirt stays dry even when Austyn's projectile spit-up takes an unpredictable path. My favorite patterns are from their White Label, which can be purchased at Nordstrom, but we picked ours up at TJ Maxx and Amazon.

4. Boppy

boppy nursing pillow


nursing pillow cover


The internet has loved Boppy nursing pillows for a while, with good reason. These versatile nursing pillows are a great way to save your back and arms from muscle soreness. They can also be used as a tummy time aid or for propping baby up as she grows. Honestly, Nate is a bigger fan of the Boppy than I am-- wherever Austyn goes (his lap or mine), the Boppy goes, too. We purchased the above cover because the original cover wasn't aesthetically pleasing enough to be a living room constant for me. Functionality & vanity tied up in a bow.

5. Motorola MBP854CONNECT Dual Mode Baby Monitor

motorola baby monitor


My husband is way more into technology than I am. However, this monitor makes me want to jump for joy after a sound sleep. It has both video and audio AND it connects to our smartphones. When Austyn was brand new, we tried one night with her in the bassinet next to our bed. We ran into an issue, though, because the bassinet was so deep I would have to climb all the way out of bed to check on her. With the Motorola Dual Mode Baby Monitor, I am able to peek at the monitor without moving a muscle. To be fair, I still get out of bed two to three times a night to watch her belly rise and fall, but it's not as necessary with this little gem.

6. Zip-Up Pajamas

Everyone knows PJ-clad babies are the cutest sight known to man. We experimented a bit with types of sleepers for Austyn, and we found that footed, zip-up onesies are our jam(mies). Certain sleepers with elastic bottoms or knotted fabric made our little one fuss, and I was afraid the fabric would sneak up to her eyeballs. Changing diapers is easy in the zipper pj's as long as you buy the type that zips up from the bottom, not down. We purchased the Cloud Island pairs above, which even have fold-down hand coverage to keep Austyn from scratching her face during the night. These get our vote for PJs of the year.

7. Graco Pack 'N Play Playard with Newborn Napperstation DLX, Manor

Pack 'n playard with newborn napper station


We're what society calls minimalists. Our one-bedroom apartment for 3 people keeps us pretty accountable in that area. After finding out we were pregnant, we sold our dining room table and turned the space into a nursery. This multi-use pack'n play has been a space and convenience superhero. Austyn slept in the napper until she turned 3 months and I felt so much calmer knowing she was propped slightly up and comforted on all sides. We love the extra storage in the bottom for blankets, burpcloths and folded clothes. The changing table has saved tons of backaches. Additionally, the playard grows with her. Right now, she sleeps in the bassinet, and when she  starts to sit up, we'll transition her to the bottom playard (at which point, we will lose the storage area). Altogether, this purchased saved us the money and square footage of a dresser, changing table, bassinet and crib. We couldn't ask for more. 

8. Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub

I was a little nervous bathing Austyn in the early days, but now, we love bath time! Once baby's umbilical cord has fallen off and the doctor gives you the go-ahead to immerse him or her, it's actually a really soothing experience. During "the fourth trimester" (the first 3 months outside the womb), your baby is still adjusting to their new environment. The aqueous experience of the bath feels familiar. We use it in the tub (not the sink) 3 nights per week right before bedtime.

 9. Aveeno - Baby Calming Comfort Lotion Lavender & Vanilla

aveeno baby calming lotion



Speaking of bedtime, this calming lotion helps communicate to Austyn when it's time for a longer stretch of sleep. We use it exclusively during her bedtime routine to make the most of its magic!

10. On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep


I hesitate to post any parenting tips because there are so many opinions out there and most come with passionate disregard for the opposite view. However, Baby Wise has been amazing for our family! By 2 months, Austyn was sleeping 8 hours per night. At 3 months, she sleeps 12 hours.Take the approach that you believe in, but if you're looking for somewhere to start, I suggest Baby Wise

*BONUS Must-Have: Tiny Headbands

Austyn's head was too small for any of the headbands we were gifted before her birth, so I tracked down some that would work! How fun are these?!


I hope this list of newborn must-haves will make life with your baby easier, simpler, and more enjoyable! Happy Mom life!





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